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Wandy needs a winny to stay inny

Okay, that was probably the most barf-worthy blog title in the history of the site, but it’s pretty accurate (and witty, in a 5 year old kinda way):

A self professed fan of Wanderlei Silva, UFC president Dana White concedes the Brazilian veteran needs to post some significant wins in order to remain viable in the light heavyweight division.

Silva (31-8-1), in the midst of the first three-fight losing streak of his career, will collide with Keith Jardine at UFC 84: Ill Will on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“Wanderlei has lost three in a row,” White said. “This guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC and stay at the top of the 205-pound division.”

Dana White explained the rationale behind the roster cuts at the UFC84 press conference a few days ago, and while his logic sounds okay on the surface, there’s a pretty big flaw in it: sooner or later, everyone loses. And once a fighter gets up to the top ranks, they’re more likely to lose a few in a row. Treating fighters like contractors who can be let go and picked up at will might work if you’re the only show in town, but most of these guys aren’t going to want to stay with an organization like that when there are other promotions that will treat them like gold regardless of their records.

To me, this all seems pretty whack considering all the effort the UFC went to in order to sign Wanderlei. There are some guys who you just need to keep, no matter how good or bad they are. Phil Baroni. Tito Ortiz. Guys with personality, or guys that add excitement. Marquee fighters that might be past their prime but still deserve a place in the big show. If Dana White keeps on basing his roster around a two loss formula, the organization is going to end up losing a shitload of their most marketable talent.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    lol at comparing Phil Baroni to Wanderlei Silva or even Tito Ortiz

  • Elfenstein says:

    i totally agree . Wanderlei is an attraction even if he looses for keith jardine. the 205 division is stacked – there are nothing but top contenders – and i feel anyone can beat anyone on any given day . i could see wanderlei loosing against jardine and winning against rampage .. (impressive being subbed by CB in TUF btw)

    dana need to give people more slack if they are exciting fighters … (look to japan for once dana)

  • Some guys need to stay but some guys should get the boot after a couple big loses. Most of teh TUF guys who don’t win after a couple tries should be sent to the minors for some seasoning but a guy with rep like Wandy should be left alone, maybe some encouraging/coaching changes would be good though.

  • Wad says:

    Wanderlei has only had one fight in UFC so it’s bullshit for Dana to even be talking about this. Was he talking about letting chuck go after losing to Jardine? That was two losses in a row. And then Chuck’s next fight was a decision against Wanderlei (who was doing his first fight in the octagon for UFC) and it wasn’t exactly a domination or anything. He just won a decision.

    Wanderlei deserves at least a few more fights before a decision is made. And usually the new guy brought in gets put up against some slightly easier opponents to get them settled in before putting them up against the top guns. Wanderlei came into UFC which has totally different rules than he is used to in PRIDE and who does he get to fight his first time out? Chuck motherfucking Liddell. That’s a rather tall order.

    Dana is a cunt.

  • Wad says:

    I should correct myself before the potatoes try to jump all over me. I realizer Wanderlei has fought in the UFC in the past but that was ages ago and I’m referring to his recent career.

  • Echolocating says:

    After Jardine kicks the shit out of Silva, Dana will simply ask Wanderlei to move down a weight class. It won’t be the end of Silva’s UFC career, not by a long shot. I think Wanderlei is much smaller than he used to be (read into that what you will) and belongs at 185.

  • Wad says:

    Yeah I guess he could cut down and fight in the “Breaking Franklin’s Nose” division.

  • ninjitsu says:

    I agree with the post, but I really doubt Silva is going anywhere, even if he loses.

  • Gaston says:

    Wouldn´t you agree that Phil Baroni got personality dookiefuck? Thats what its about. Hes as good as anyone when it comes to hyping a fight. For the same reason we need to pray jardine keeps away from a title shot.

  • Asbel says:

    dana was right to drop baroni after 4 losses in a row but i don’t think he’ll drop wand for that.

  • I’m sure Franklin will be more than happy to have another elite Brazilian fighter with a penchant for smushing people’s faces in with his knees, in his division.

  • Higgz says:

    If you notice Dana doesn’t say anything remotely close to considering cutting Wandy. He says he needs some wins to stay relevant AT 205 POUNDS.

    My guess is that if he loses to Jardine they’ll make him cut to 185.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Talk about overreaction. Chill the fuck out.

    If Wandy loses his next two, he’s probably out of the UFC. But thats obvious; with five losses in a row, he suddenly becomes a lot more valuable to competing promotions than the UFC. The UFC has to maintain the guise of competitiveness at the top levels, something EliteXC and company don’t give a shit about.

  • Johnny says:

    Best title ever.