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Wanderlei wants a Vitor rematch

Wanderlei Silva might currently be hobbled by knee surgery to the point where he’s wheelchairing it around right now, but that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about who he wants to fight when he gets back into the cage. Of course there’s still Chris Leben, who called Silva out after defeating Akiyama. But Wand can still imagine a magical place where he’s in contention for the 185 pound belt, and in that world he wants a piece of Vitor Belfort:

“I didn’t study his tapes [then],” Silva said. “He’s fast, and I couldn’t react. Now, I have the technique to beat him.

“We’ll have a really good match,” he continued. “He’s tough. He has very good cardio. Sometimes, we’re so nervous in the fights, but he is very calm. He has incredible cardio and is a good fighter. I would like to fight him again.”

It’s almost a shame that knee surgery is keeping Wanderlei out until March. Silva / Belfort is like a Brazilian Liddell / Franklin, and I’d expect it to end about the same way: with a crazy knockout that reminds you that chins have expiry dates. Instead we get Belfort / Okami, which seems like a very … dutiful #1 contender match in comparison. The fight ignoramus in me that likes MMA for the violence is not overly excited by that one.