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Wanderlei vs Rampage 3 delayed till January

So the UFC is talking about pushing back Page/Wand 3 till UFC 93. I’m gonna be the first person to say “Yes! Good!!!” to the idea of Rampage taking a bit of a longer break before returning to the Octagon. Dispite what the psychologists in the UFC have decided, putting a dude in a cage a few months after he thought he was God is NOT a good idea. But am I the only one who’s sick of waiting for Wanderlei Silva to fight again?

Wanderlei Silva signed up with the UFC last summer and has fought fucking TWICE in the 13 months between then and now. Not only that, but now it looks like he won’t be fighting until the end of January, adding another four months to the equation. That’s 17 MONTHS GODDAMN IT! Hey, isn’t it fun how Fightlinker is all about adding stuff up today? We’re like the Sesame Street of MMA coverage.

The point here is that certain fighters are planning on retiring in the same amount of time it’s going to take for Wanderlei Silva to have three fights. The entire body of Wanderlei’s work in 2008 was 36 seconds. Do I have to keep on piling up the stupidity of this situation? Why the hell is the UFC obsessing about the stars being in perfect alignmnent before allowing this guy to fight? Stick him in the cage and let him do what he does!