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Wanderlei Silva’s new face

The hot pointless rumor going around for the past few days was that Michael Bisping vs Wanderlei Silva (a rumor of a fight itself) was off because Wanderlei was getting his face fixed up by a plastic surgeon. I think we can all agree that Wand’s face generally looks like a balloon does four days after it was inflated, but I wasn’t aware that plastic surgeons were able to fix the mushy / puffy look. It’s a good thing his last fight earned him 60k Fight of the Night honors, because going in and saying “Fix it all” sounds expensive.

Above you can sorta see the finished result. Wanderlei’s head looks properly inflated now and he no longer resembles the dog from Get Fuzzy. I haven’t decided yet if it makes him look better or worse yet. I’m just so used to seeing him look like a scary ass kicker that this artificially youthful guy with the botox’d forehead doesn’t even register as the axe murderer. Two more creepy shots for you after the jump.

(thanks to jackal James for the pics, via sprewell_rimz and minnesota fats at f4wonline!)