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Wanderlei Silva’s dad died in a car accident :-(

Remember when MMA news was all big fights being made and exciting developments being shared? Yeah, not so much any more. As if all this UFC 151 shit wasn’t bad enough, now Wanderlei Silva’s dad died in a horrible car accident:

According to BandNews, the first television network to report the tragedy, Holando was in a car accident this Sunday on the road from the town of Castro to Abapã, where he owned a ranch. The car he was in collided head on with another car, the driver of which also died on impact. A child was severely injured and taken to the nearest hospital.

Wanderlei was informed of his father’s passing by family members who called him in Las Vegas, where he had been having a happy time expecting to take part on the October UFC Rio card, and where he recently had an encounter with another fighting legend, Mike Tyson. Wanderlei will arrive in Brazil today for the burial.

That’s just awful. Wand had just recently posted a video blog featuring his dad and if you want a kick in the emotional cunt then check that out. A Wand-gear decked dad exclaims proudly “He only brings me happiness. I am a very happy man!”

RIP Holando Pinheiro da Silva and our sincere condolences to Wanderlei Silva and his family.