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Wanderlei Silva returning to basics

The internet is overflowing with opinions on who sucks and why, but when’s the last time you’ve heard of a fighter actually paying attention to his critics and doing something about the holes in their games? Wanderlei Silva has been accused by many of letting his style slide from muay thai to brawling, and now he’s back to basics trying to return to his former ways:

To turn things around in the UFC, Wanderlei called his ex-coach, Rafael Cordeiro, and is doing everything to repair the mistakes and go back to victories in UFC 99, against Rich Franklin.

“I’m doing calligraphy. When someone writes badly, he takes the notebook and writes the “a, b, c”… It is a very tough job. Yesterday, I was doing basic boxing training for an hour with my boxing coach here. He fixes me in all punches, the positioning of the foot and the hand”

While it’s refreshing to see a fighter willing to admit he let his style disintegrate, I do worry that a return to muay thai won’t be enough to keep Wanderlei competitive against some of the more well rounded fighters in the UFC. We’re in the middle of a pretty terrible period where all our old favorites are unable to keep up with the next generation of fighters. Is Wanderlei, with his one dimensional style and can-ridden PRIDE record, the guy to turn the tide? Ah well … even if he isn’t, there’s still enough chum at middleweight to keep him busy for a while longer.