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Wanderlei Silva is verbose

Wanderlei Silva has been training away in preparation to destroy Keith Jardine (this is the fight I’m looking forward to the most at UFC84), so apparently he didn’t hear about Rampage calling him ‘The Chump Murderer’ last month until Wednesday:

For my surprise I sow that my nickname changed from Axe Murderer to Chump Murderer, but what I have to say is the nickname is Idiot murderer not idiots murderer, so the one of idiot I fought is Quinton who himself intitule as such, so everybody are respect fighters-. But is that thing: who beat forget but who take want revenge. What I have to say Is that is a question of time to this fight happens again.

Now here’s where you’re probably expecting me to make fun of Wanderlei Silva for writing worse than our man Jake does. But here’s the deal: this is his second freaking language, and he’s already nearly as good at writing it as most teenagers in America are. Considering the beatings his brain has taken, I’m sometimes amazed he’s even able to communicate past grunts and groans at all.

I give him props for taking the time to figure out how the fuck to conjugate stuff together in a way that makes at least a bit of sense. That’s more than Anderson Silva’s done thus far. Although if I were Silva I’d have just written this regarding Mr Jackson:

hey qinton u asshull remember i beat u 2 time so if then to YOU is chump x2. Is looking forwerd to fites again and to making you chump three time strong. mauricio he says hi he kicks you in face too in fun, remember? like big party at beach, fiting you. national brazil holidays to watch us kick ur asshole

  • Beer_tester says:

    Rampage sounds like he’s lineing up for another feed of tasty brazillian knees that he loves soooo much!

  • Márcio says:

    I like Quinton but he should shut the fuck up and do his talking in the cage. Wanderlei didn’t just win the fights, he beat the shit out of Rampage. All this shit talking now just makes Rampage look like a sore, whiny loser.s

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Seriously: I think Rampage will beat Wandy if they fight in the octagon. He’s a much improved fighter since they last met.

    (Plus my usual gripes about Pride being fishy.)

  • garth says:

    there wasn’t anything fishy about wandy caving in page’s whole existance last time

  • Zheroen says:

    Multiple knees to the face from a Thai clinch outright KOing Rampage through the ropes = a fishy win. Glad we’ve confirmed your objectivity, Jemaleddin.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    He uh speeka bery bery well for a Brazionelo.

  • Tommy says:

    We’ll see if he gets past Jardines kicks and weird strikes first. If they do fight again it won’t be a last minute call for Rampage as in their second fight. As for the first fight, beating Chuck for that long can take it out of anyone. So we’ll see.

  • Captain says:

    God I really wanna see Wand give old Techno Viking an ass whoopin.

  • godzillad says:

    Yeah…..Rampage was beating the hell out of Wandy until that right hook from hell that led to the finish.

  • zeke says:

    He probably just typed it up in Portuguese and then cut and pasted it into an online translator. Any Canadian french student knows how those shitty translations turn out.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    I could have sworn Wandy said this stuff weeks or months ago.

  • goo says:

    Yeah I heard about Wand’s response pretty much as soon as I heard about QRP talking shit.


  • DannyP72 says:

    I hope Wandy wins against Jardine (coz he smells) and Forest gets injured because honestly, fuck the no1 contenders, I want Rampage-Silva 3.

  • Method says:

    Oh god that was hilarious. Post of the month thus far for sure

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Tommy beat me to pointing out the regular retorts to the “Wandy just murdered Rampage, who needs context?” argument. Thanks!

    @Zheroen: I wasn’t saying that the Wandy/Rampage fights were fishy, just that Pride was fishy in general. No drug testing, no steroid testing, allegations of bonuses for losing, Yakuza involvement… Does none of that sound fishy to you? Really?

    And again, they’re very different fighters now with very different situations. Rampage is on the up-swing and Wandy has been on a losing streak. I’d like to see him destroy Jardine so we can get him set up for a 3rd match with Rampage and settle this blog-chatter.

  • If Want beats Jardine, ya gotta cross your fingers that the UFC just says “Fuck streaks, Wand vs ‘Page next”, which sets up Chuck vs whoever wins that (if chuck manages not to lose in the meantime)

  • RoB says:

    fuk u i am an amerikan teenager and i right super good

  • Wu Tang says:

    HA funny! Wandi is funny, esp FL’s version!

  • Joon4s says:

    Actually that joke made more sense than Wandy’s original rant.

  • EL says:

    he posted that ages ago in his brazilian blog
    obviously his web people have only just translated it into English.