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Wanderlei explains the surgery

Probably realizing that his silence on the subject is just leading fans to make wilder and wilder speculations, Wanderlei Silva is finally speaking out on what he went to a plastic surgeon for:

“There was a lot of speculation about my surgery,” said Silva, who spoke in his native Portuguese and provided English subtitles. “People are noticing my eyes, and this is what happened. [The doctor] scraped the eye’s bones. I’ve had more than 200 stitches … in the area of the eyes. So the doctor scraped my skull, so that (swelling) will go down.

“The goal is for me not to get cut so easily in my next fight because before I was receiving big cuts only from scratches. I was always having to get seven, 10, 15 stitches, and this was hurting my performance.”

Silva said he also had the surgeon rework his nose area, which had been broken during a fight with Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in 2006 and continued to bend and warp from additional breaks in training and other fights.

“I fixed my nose, and now I’m breathing better, snoring less,” said Silva, who said he suffered from sleep apnea and awoke four or five times per night. “Now I can sleep through the night, and I’m feeling very good.”

The eyeball scraping is something that Nick Diaz has also had done, and he was nice enough to document the entire grewdy affair in pictures. So if you want to see what ‘skull scraping’ actually looks like, go here.