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Wanderlei and Chute Boxe have officially broken up

The relationship between Wanderlei Silva and Chute Boxe since he moved to the states has been a mystery wrapped in an enigma put in a box and buried deep in the ground. Finally, MMAWeekly has dug up that box and sorted everything out by asking the Chute Boxe guys what’s up:

MMAWEEKLY: No one has really talked much about the situation with Wanderlei Silva and Chute Boxe. Please explain to us what is the real situation between Chute Boxe and Silva.

CORDEIRO: Wanderlei was the greatest icon at Chute Boxe. It was 17 years together. The most painful thing was to see that friend going to another country and lose that friendship.

It is impossible to talk about Wanderlei Silva and not talk about Chute Boxe and it’s impossible to talk about Chute Boxe and not talk about Wanderlei Silva. It was a very beautiful marriage. He was projected to be a great champion and we all did it.

We wish all the best to him and we know that he will transmit everything he learned here at Chute Boxe, not just as a fighter, but as a man, too. God bless him and very good luck to him in his new way and his new camp.

Chute Boxe is always here. Chute Boxe did not stop with Wanderlei going out and Chute Boxe won’t stop with Shogun [losing]. We are very sure that there will always be a new champion coming out of here at our camp.

In the end, we hope only the best to Wanderlei Silva.

So there you go. While some may say he’s still a member of Chute Boxe in spirit, that’s about as legitimate as Kermit the Frog’s honorary doctorate in amphibious biology. As chummy and great as Cordeiro makes things sound in this interview, there’s definately some tension going on behind the scenes. Ninja Rua was none too pleased that Wanderlei Silva was involved with the same gym as Forrest Griffin (even though Griffin wasn’t even around when Silva was in town), and there’s been all sorts of other little quips and comments showing Chute Boxe is feeling a little bit dumped.

  • garth says:

    fightlinker: your source for up-to-the-month news in the world of MMA!
    did you see sam caplan’s drug discourse over on 5oz? keen.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Muther fuck what Ninja thinks, Wanderlei is opening options for himself. After his fight with Lawler, I suggest he do the same. Who gives a shit about Ninja? Im sure it doesnt start with Silva.

  • hankd says:

    Minor correction…
    “even though Griffin wasn’t even around when Silva was in town”


  • RenzoHatfield says:

    Wandi and Chute Boxe broke up? What a shame, right before the Winter Ball.

  • Goddamnit. I had a link for that fact but can’t find it. I’m gonna find it tonight.

  • Tommy says:

    I’m a man that believes in loyalty but sometimes if you’ve peaked in a certain place you really should move on. No hard feelings thats just life. I believe as well Randy could do a nice job rounding out Silva’s skills so he can be a champion in the UFC. Who better to show him the metal of the cage. Chute box has been distracted a bit lately and I hope it’s not with him leaving but I’m sure they will get back on top.

  • Tommy says:

    If Ninja and Shogun got pissed they should have shown how much better Chute box was by demolishing their opponents instead of both of them gassing in the first to 1 be knocked out and the other tapped by Forrest of all people.

  • Thomas says:

    Another excuse for Shogun. Wanderlei broke up with chute Boxe and Shogun cried himself to sleep everynight all the way up to his fight.
    This could’ve been a great opportunity to be the Icon and the new face of Chute Boxe that Wand was. Too bad he only he had 5 good minutes of fighting in him.