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Wand says Anderson is timid

The war of words continues between the two biggest Silvas in MMA … figuratively that is, since Giant Silva is the biggest of the Silvas literally. We’re not really sure why Wanderlei continues to hound on Anderson – the only logical reason we could think for that would be to drum up interest in a fight. And while I’m definitely interested, I don’t see what the Axe Mudererer has to gain past the worst ass-whupping received by a Silva since Thiago Silva at UFC 94. Regardless, if that’s what he wants, that may be what he gets. Here he is accusing Anderson of always having an issue with timidity:

“Many times he have this in Chute Boxe, and the fights, too, and I’m staying in his corner, going ‘go, go go!’” continued Wanderlei. “The guy would stay in the corner, and he would not go. This is his fault. He put the guys in the corner, and I don’t know why he doesn’t go. This is bad. The situation is bad. Because the guys want to see the guy beat.”

Who knows, maybe Anderson Silva’s flash of brilliance is over and he’s now back to being the good but by no means unstoppable fighter he was before 2006? I’m kinda doubtful, but at least Wanderlei doesn’t have to test this theory himself … that dangerous task goes to Forrest Griffin.