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Wand reunites with his old Chute Boxe coach

One of the questions everyone has been asking is “What happened to all the dudes who used to fight for PRIDE?” While many think that the answer might be pharmaceutical, Wanderlei Silva is hoping that a return back to his old Chute Boxe coach will help him return to his old destructive ways:

Rafael Cordeiro believes his long-time student Wanderlei Silva can get back on the winning track despite recent upsets. Cordeiro was the head coach – and some would say heart and soul – of Chute Boxe when it was one of the strongest teams in MMA, with Wanderlei Silva as its biggest star.

But Silva moved on and more recently Cordeiro gave his notice at the old gym. He has now reunited with Silva to train him for his UFC 99 fight against Rich Franklin.

“Wanderlei has the same heart, with the same desire to win, to confront his opponents, and I know that for his next fight he will be 100% focused, believing more every time in what made him Wanderlei Silva, which is Muay Thai,” said Cordeiro this week.

You saw what a good coach can do this weekend when an exploit Freddy Roach found gave Manny Pacquiao an easy 2nd round knockout of Ricky Hatton. Can Cordeiro make a big enough difference to bring Wandy back to the next level? Or is it foolish to think he can recapture the aura he had back when PRIDE was feeding him tiny Japanese men for breakfast?