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Wand on Chael: “He don’t have balls”

Anderson Silva isn’t the only Brazilian tired of the bullsh*ts talked by Chael Sonnens. Wanderlei Silva (who once warned Chael in person to watch his mouth or he’d be counting his teeth) elaborated on his opinion of the West Linn gangster with Cage Potato:

“If you say some bullshit about somebody, one day you’re gonna be face to face with the guy. Man, if somebody talks some shit about you and you are face to face with him and you don’t have the balls to say, ‘man, why did you say that about me?’…You’re supposed to be a man and here this one guy won’t even shake the other’s hand and say, ‘hello, how are you?’ What kind of man is that?

“I’m old school, man. A guy is talking about me on the internet, in interviews, well now we are face to face. Hello. Come and talk to me, tell me why you said that. Everybody, for all these guys talking about me, one day you are going to be face to face with me. So when that happens, say it to my face. Don’t say it in just in an interview with a reporter, say it face to face.

“I opened the cage for [Chael] and he didn’t say anything. What kind of man is that? I know, actually, because he don’t have balls. He uses testosterone because he don’t have balls. This is his problem.

“He don’t have balls, no? His balls don’t work (laughs). I have two big balls over here, you know? And I say for him and I say for everybody, no matter, I am a man. This is a lesson I took from my dad. A man can’t talk about another man because one day we are going to be face to face. In that day, you never know.”

It’s a good thing Wanderlei is paid to fight, because if he wasn’t used to making $200,000 per ass kicking he’d probably be smartening people up left and right in this joint.