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Wand likes losing, will continue to lose at LHW

Well, you can scratch one fighter off my list of guys who’ll hopefully move down to 185 in 2008:

As soon as [Wanderlei] Silva said that, though, he smiled. He anticipated the next question would be whether he’d consider a drop to middleweight, where the limit is 185 pounds and the fighters are much more his size.

But he quickly ruled that out.

“That’s way too much weight for me to lose,” Silva said. “I couldn’t do it.”

Fuck man … yes you could! Drop the creatine, hit the fucking cardio hard and modify your training routine. I’ve seen bigger fighters than Wanderlei who managed to hit 185.

Of course, I think it’s really a question of wanting to. Cutting fucking sucks, and what’s even worse is changing the way you live to try and stay at a size where you can squeak into a lower weight class.

But when you’re a top ranked athlete like Wanderlei Silva, the advantages should be obvious. You’re going to be bigger and stronger than everyone else in your division, and that’s an advantage you need to hack it in the UFC, where everyone else is hungry enough to cut off their twigs n berries to make weight. Well, everyone else except Travis Lutter.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Rich Franklin looks bigger

  • Lifer says:

    most of wanderlei’s mass comes from his incredible cro-magnon bone density. short of starving yourself of calcium and vitamin d, there is no way he can cut anymore!

  • haha his mamma says he’s just too big boned to be a MW

  • beewheezy says:

    didn’t wandy weigh 205 when he lost to henderson? he wasn’t owgp size but he still looked a fuckload bigger than he did at 79. or did pride have a different weight limit for light heavyweight?

  • ilostmydog says:

    Every fighter who ever loses a fight should drop a weightclass. When are the professional athletes who train for a living going to realize this?

  • kentyman says:

    Big-boneded like Kimbo talks about in this video (2:00-2:08)?

  • beewheezy says:

    “Every fighter who ever loses a fight should drop a weightclass. When are the professional athletes who train for a living going to realize this?”

    Bisbing Lightweight Champ 08!!!!
    only kidding…
    Featherweight Champ

  • intenso says:

    but Randy lost and went UP in weight class. I’m confused.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Some funny ass comments…

    Anderson silva barely cuts weight. If he does, he cuts about 5-10 lbs, which is nothing and i do that almost everyweek for my benifit, health (1 day of fasting). And look at silva, he barely cuts weight and is top in Middle wieght standings. So what does this mean? People whoa re naturally fighting in their class might haev an advantige with speed/skill vs those who cute weight and might feel drain from that cutting (un-natural cutting). Just food for thought.

  • Atom says:

    Pride’s MW division was below 205lbs, WW

  • Hermes says:

    Actually, Anderson Silva walks around at 97 kilograms (about 214 pounds). So he cuts a bit more than 5-10 pounds.

  • Tommy says:

    Everyone knows Wanderlei’s body then he does. I think it’s obvious is frame won’t support a cut of 20lbs, but hell with pros like you guys telling him it will, I’m surprised he just doesn’t shut the fuck up and start cutting already.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Hey, if you’ve got a six six-figure fight deal with a signing bonus FUCK MOVING DOWN!!! Hell, get some cake and move on UP!!

  • Accomando says:

    “…Wand likes losing, will continue to lose at LHW…”

    They will be exciting losses though, so who cares.

  • Maybe he doesn’t want to face Anderson Silva……

  • Beau says:

    Why cut all that weight just to get beat up by Anderson Silva? He went the distance with Chuck (a Chuck who looked like Chuck of old) and I’d still rank him in the top 5 LHW. Why drop a weight class if you’re top 5, have 2 wins over the champ, and just went the distance with another top 5 guy? Think about it, who would you rank higher than Silva at LHW? Rampage, Chuck, Griffin, Machida, maybe Jardine but I think Silva would beat Jardine. Really, the only person whose proven they can beat Silva at LHW is Chuck. If he starts losing to guys like Houston Alexander and Rashad Evans then yea, its time to go down. Fortunately for Silva, I don’t see that happening.

  • Captain says:

    Fightlinker, you don’t know shit about cutting weight or training. Yeah, Silva should stop weight lifting, drop 20 lbs of muscle, lose all his speed, cut down to 3% body fat and eat broccoli and carrots all day so he can fight a skinny ass monkey. Matt Hughes should do the same, fight as a lightweight, leave his farm so he won’t be tempted to eat, ditch the weight training and up the cardio, right. It’s that simple, just up the cardio.

  • mma says:

    Fightlinker you suck!!

  • MacDaddy says:

    sucklinker you fight!!