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WAMMA working towards invalidating themselves

The World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (also known as ‘those WAMMA douches’) are back in the spotlight trying to set up a second WAMMA belt. As it stands the only belt they have floating around is Fedor Emelianenko’s, and at the very least you can say that the ‘undisputed #1’ belt is around the waist of the right guy in that category.

But now WAMMA is hoping to be able to set up a lightweight title holder, using the fight between WAMMA ranked #2 Eddie Alvarez and #3 Shinya Aoki at the Dynamite show in Japan. They already give out a shitload of hardware after Japanese fights (Remy Bojansky got a belt, crown, scepter and necklace after winning this year’s K1 Grand Prix), so I don’t see why another ugly velcro belt would be a problem. What might be a problem is the fact that the WAMMA ranked #1 lightweight isn’t involved in the fight. That #1 would be BJ Penn, who’s currently in the UFC holding the REAL undisputed belt.

We’d been waiting to see what WAMMA would do about the ‘UFC situation’ … if they’d grant their belts to the clear #1 fighters at lightweight, welterweight, and middleweight who are all UFC fighters or if they’d just go for the biggest fight they could make outside the organization. While WAMMA might be trying to slip their lightweight title in while BJ Penn is technically up at welterweight, I don’t think this shit fools anyone.

But speaking as a guy who thinks WAMMA is GAYYA, I’m okay with them going ahead and doing this. The sooner they slap belts on fighters who clearly aren’t the best in the world, the sooner everyone will realize how stupid their organization is. Then we can be rid of this lame attempt at bringing boxing’s corrupt and broken system of champions over into MMA. Godspeed, WAMMA!