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WAMMA one step closer to death

You may or may not have heard by now that Sam Caplan and Pat Miletich sent out a joint press release announcing that they’ve stepped down from WAMMA, the retarded rankings organization with the cheap velcro belts and championship rings. Here’s what Sam (who had recently been promoted from ‘independent’ ranking committee head to Chief Operating Officer) had to say about the split:

“There’s no way to sugarcoat it. When you leave a position you had planned to serve for at least three months after just six weeks, it’s not an amicable parting,” said Caplan. “But like Pat, I believe in what an organization such as WAMMA could bring to the sport. However, in my brief time as serving as its COO, I also share Pat’s concerns whether WAMMA will be able to accomplish all that it originally set out to do. I felt the only decision for me to make was to leave the organization.”

I’m pretty sure that’s what EVERYONE ELSE has been saying about WAMMA from the start: that the general idea of undisputed rankings isn’t bad, but since WAMMA was full of assholes and morons we didn’t want anything to do with them. Add to that the fact that you’re more likely to see Dana White in a three way with Loretta Hunt and Jeff Sherwood than the UFC working with WAMMA and you have yourself an exercise in pointlessness.

Last but not least, WAMMA had already manipulated their rankings to award bogus world titles to unworthy fighters. A more accurate description of their mandate might have been “Crowning the best OUTSIDE the UFC”. Ya know, if that was their only purpose, I might have actually gotten behind them on that. Too bad they weren’t willing to admit that truth.

Past that, sanctioning bodies like WAMMA were one of the multitude of problems that gutted boxing. When you had multiple promotions, it sure makes sense to have a single sanctioning group to award world titles. But so long as you still have promotions giving away their own ‘undisputed’ belts and OTHER sanctioning bodies crowning their own champs, the idea is rendered completely useless. Worse, it creates a situation where there are so many belts floating around that no one knows what the fuck is going on any more.

The good news coming out of all this is that I can’t see WAMMA holding on much longer. With Sam and Pat gone that’s three top figures in the organization fucking off in a very short span of time. Even though it might take a while longer for the organization to completely die (I consider website parking to be the pentultimate sign of a flatline), I think it’s safe to say that we no longer have to worry about the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts becoming some sort of retarded gold standard in MMA.