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WAMMA ‘not dead’

How silly we were for thinking that WAMMA might be dead after half it’s employees left, it’s office was abandoned, and it’s rankings (the only fucking thing it needed to update to stay ‘active’) stopped rolling. But just like that bug which takes like 200 swats to fully kill, WAMMA is proving to be annoyingly hard to get rid of. Here’s a press release from today:

The World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) today announces a new strategic partnership with Brand Asset Digital, the distributed technologies company. The association between the two groups will help WAMMA incorporate new sponsorships into traditional and electronic platforms.

“We believe our combined efforts will help bring new sponsors into the MMA arena,” says WAMMA CEO Dave Szady. “I will also help advance WAMMA’s mission of promoting the integrity, legitimacy and prosperity of MMA.”

“Brand Asset Digital will provide WAMMA with unparalleled access to P2Plive streaming technology and our social networking platform providing them with the ultimate online experience,” says Brand Asset Digital CEO Tim Hogan. “We are on the cutting edge of changing the LIVE experience on the internet and the future of online programming with P2PLive Streaming. We are looking forward to applying that technology to mixed martial arts.”

I’m excited to see how Brand Asset Digital will synergize the delivery of WAMMA content and facilitate leveraging it’s deliverables with potential sponsors. Wait. No I’m not. This is nothing but bullshit business speak! Go away and die, WAMMA. No one cared before, and they care less even more now. Here’s hoping Scott Coker has the good sense not to let Fedor carry that shitty velcro WAMMA belt into the cage with him when he fights for Strikeforce.