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A Sherdogger named Heavyweight decided to check out WAMMA’s offices two weeks ago. He came away less than optimistic about the organization’s future:

I actually chatted with the building manager before heading out. She said the WAMMA folks moved out of the building a couple months ago with everything of value in hand. What’s even more surprising is that she also said that everyone from WAMMA stopped returning their calls when they asked what to do with everything left inside.

The entire series of photos after the jump. And here’s the original 51 page thread full of OMFGLOL commentary on Sherdog.

Props to Heavyweight for the investigative journalism, and thanks to steve4192 for the heads up on the forum thread. Why this isn’t all over all the other blogs I have no idea. Just because it comes from a forum doesn’t mean it isn’t real news. Or at least interesting gossip!