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Walk before you run


There’s a new generation of UFC fighters coming up and they’re going to do great things, I’m sure. But how about some of them do a few moderately OK things before declaring they’re destined to be the next pound for pound champions of the universe? Check out John Dodson, who’s accomplishment of winning TUF puts him on par with other greats such as Mac Danzig and James Wilks.

“I would have liked to become the first UFC 125 champ, but I’m not in that flyweight tournament, but its OK, I figured Dana just wants someone else to keep that belt warm up until I can get it. I also want to move back up eventually, because I want to hold the 125, 135 and 145 title all at the same time. I want to be the first fighter ever to be a three weight king. I gotta go big and shoot for the stars!”

And then there’s Chris Weidman, who’s sh*tshow win over Demian Maia has suddenly propelled him into relevancy. When asked jokingly how he’d fare against Anderson Silva:

“I think with a full camp, I’ll finish him. Obviously I’m not fighting Anderson Silva next, but if I was, that would be my prediction. I’m confident with myself, you have to be as a fighter. I have a lot of respect for Anderson Silva, I think he’s awesome.”

There’s a fine line between being confident / promoting yourself and just coming off sounding silly. Hell, it isn’t even that fine of a line. Here’s some simple tips for fighters: DO talk about becoming a champ someday. DON’T brag that you’ll pull off a never before seen championship belt hat trick before you’ve even had two fights in the UFC. DO be prepared to call someone out if it’ll help your career. DON’T make it someone so high above you it just underscores how much worse you are than that guy.