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Wagnney Fabiano’s WEC date set

The WEC had a nice bit of momentum going for it right up until that cocksucking hurricane Ike came along and screwed everything up. Originally WEC36 was supposed to happen on September 10th (a nice early birthday gift to me), but ended up being delayed until November 5th.

The only silver lining in this situation is we now get two WEC events back to back … 36 on November 5th and 37 on December 3rd. Also awesome: IFL featherweight champ Wagnney Fabiano will be making his WEC debut on the December 3rd card against Akitoshi Tamura, another high ranking featherweight.

You get the feeling that the WEC wants to make sure this fight ends with someone legitimate being able to challenge Urijah Faber. Mike Brown’s got a decent record and all, but the general consensus is he’s gonna get tooled by Faber. Well … the general consensus on pretty much any 145 pounder is that they’re gonna get tooled by Faber. But some more than others.