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Wacky Eastern news roundup

Shooto Tradition
Shooto Tradition happened this weekend, and there were two big upsets with “Lion” Takeshi Inoue and Hyato “Mach” Sakurai both losing. Takeshi actually lost twice, getting choked unconscious but then being allowed to continue to a judge’s decision for some reason:

In the other upset of the night, former Shooto 143-pound Champion “Lion” Takeshi Inoue lost a unanimous decision to Trenell “Savant” Young in class-B action. Young threw hard lead hooks to the head and body of his opponent while Inoue pushed the pace. “Lion” was able to take Young towards the end of the opening round.

Both fighters were more aggressive in the second and final round. With about two minutes remaining, “Savant” secured a really tight guillotine choke. As the effects of the hold began to take place, Inoue dove threw the ropes with Young still holding on. Young continued to hold the guillotine for more than ten seconds after going through the ropes; the refs broke the hold with Inoue momentarily, but clearly unconscious.

In a controversial move, the fighters were restarted in the middle of the ring. The two fighters finished the match with a few clinches and exchanges. In the end “Savant” Young was awarded the unanimous decision.

Aoki still in DREAM tournament
We mentioned over the weekend that DREAM might be allowing Aoki to continue onwards by scheduling his second round fight for DREAM.4 instead of next week’s DREAM.3. Aaaand it’s now official, so there you go. This would be a much better feel-good story if they already hadn’t tried to replace Aoki with JZ.

Sengoku finalizes card
After weeks of head scratching on who the fuck to put in front of Roger Gracie at Sengoku 2, a fighter has finally been announced: Pancrase legend Yuki Kondo. This is a nice twist on the old Gracie showcase where a smaller more skilled opponent takes out a larger and stronger opponent. Except this time the Gracie is the larger and stronger and more skilled one and his opponent is … smaller and older.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Check out this awesome gallery of the Young/Inoue Shooto fight – out of 13 pics 12 of them show Young preparing to punch Inoue in the face, punching Inoue in the face, choking the crap out of Inoue, or walking away from Inoue’s motionless body. If you put the pics in a flipbook you could probably watch an animated version of the fight….

  • Pontus says:

    Roger Gracie vs Yuki Kondo the size difference is going to be ridicilious.

    I’m tired of tournaments with no fixed brackets.. It just feels wrong with having the promoters being matchmakers for every round.

  • Mou says:

    DREAM.3 is looking like a real solid card. It’s gonna be exciting as tits.

  • ilostmydog says:

    @MacDaddy – you mean pictures of Young throwing punches into Lion’s arms right? Because he caught him cleanly in the face approximately never.