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Volcano related tidbits

In case you’re living under a rock or just don’t care about Mother Earth’s continued efforts to shuck us parasites off her back, there’s a volcano in Iceland blowing so much ash and glass into the atmosphere that it’s completely shut down the airline industry in Europe. MMA, being an international sport, has had some problems because of it. Here’s what’s happening:

England’s ‘Judo’ Jim Wallhead is off this Thursday’s Bellator card, but it’s not all bad news. Last week, Ryan Thomas got kinda screwed during his fight with Ben Askren when the ref stopped the fight thinking Thomas had gone unconscious from a choke. Now with Wallhead stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic, Bellator is making lemonade out of lemons by bringing Thomas back into their welterweight tournament. Props to them for jumping on the chance to right that wrong.

Meanwhile, UK fighter Nick Osipczak stuck around in Abu Dhabi after his close decision loss to Rick Story and now can’t get back home. Since he’s on the 8k/8k TUF washout contract, I can only hope Abu Dhabi is taking care of him. Mike Swick, ever the travel freak, hit up Germany to visit US soldiers (why the US still has troops there is beyond me) and was going to Kuwait for more USO tour stuff before the volcano grounded his flight and canceled that.

(Mike Swick with the world’s largest 15 year old – Stefan Struve’s fat little brother?)

As for this weekend’s WEC event, no fighters are affected. Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett (another great fighter relegated to the dark matches) is the only fighter from the affected European region but he recently made the move to Miami to train with ATT so he’s all set to go.