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Vitor Belfort tells you how to shave like a real man

Check out Vitor Belfort starring in this commercial for Gillette razors. Some products were just meant to be marketed to MMA fans. Others are a bit weird, but hey … all advertising is good advertising. I used to think that MIO water enhancer stuff Ariel Helwani hawks on the MMA Hour was silly too, and now I drink liters of the stuff every day. Five years from now when my liver fails I’m sure it will be because of whatever chemicals make up their ‘Mango Peach’ flavor.

After the jump, some oldschool commercials featuring MMA superstars. Let Wand tell you what you should wipe your bum with!

  • ButtHorn says:

    “Some products were just meant to be marketed to MMA fans.”

    Chest stencils IMO!


  • Giallo says:

    ^ no shit, that would probably sell dude.

    Hyan its been weeks, fix the fucking forums for christ sakes

  • Reverend Clint says:

    why would i use a product for my face thats being advertised by men who get hit in the face? Thats like using a destruction derby driver to sell me the toyota prius.

  • ButtHorn says:


    Thinking aboot things makes them more difficult!

  • agentsmith says:

    You should have seen the ridiculous amount of Gillette product placement there was in TUF Brazil.  The best was a completely out of place scene where Wandy shaves his forearms.  Not his face or head or even balls, his forearms.  And of course they kept focusing back and forth between him and the can of shaving cream.

  • Fightlinker says:

    that needs to become a gif

  • Kaycee says:

    I liked the compilation of these commercials.  I assume MMA fighters would go through razors very quick?  Gentlemen, feel free to browse through our affordable shaving products at Dorco USA,!  Feedback and comments are appreciated.  Thanks guys!

  • Kayden says:

    Normally I’m against killing but this article salugtehred my ignorance.