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Vitor Belfort says no to silly nasty internet things

Vitor Belfort has some important words to share with his fans … something about not doing the porno on the internets or something:

“Pretty soon people are going to be doing silly things. Pretty soon they are going to be doing porno with the neighbor. I don’t know what’s going on with the Internet, but I know one thing: I don’t know what you’ve been clicking, but make sure you’re clicking the right things. Especially if you’re a married man, especially if you have a family, don’t click on nasty things because if you click on a nasty thing that’s what your son and your daughter is going to be doing. So don’t be mad if your son and your daughter are looking at nasty things because of you. You are an example for your family, so make sure you can set up the principles for your family. Don’t be just a guy looking for something for life, like, ‘Oh man, look at me. I’m making millions,’ but what have you been selling. What have you been offering to the next generation. Be a principle man. Don’t be a preference man. That’s for you. You know. That’s for you.”

I’m sure that all made sense to Vitor … maybe he’s just preparing for the time when his daughters hit Brazilian Devil Puberty. Oh, you thought standard North American teenage girl puberty was bad? When it comes to sex, we’ve got sticks so far up our assesit’s not funny. Brazilians? They keep the stick up there because it’s kinky, and it only comes out for fart porn, booty shaking competitions, or the big ass-stick orgy at the end of every week. Friday, Friday, fun, fun, fun, fun!