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Vitor Belfort is a hep cat, daddy-o

Oh, snap! According to his twitter account the “Phenom” has joined luminaries like Kid Rock and Pam Anderson in the pantheon of kinda-famous people with hepatitis, though he has a different strain of the disease. Per the Mayo Clinic’s website, Hepatitis A can be spread through sexual contact with an infected person, eating raw shellfish harvested from polluted water, or “when someone with the virus handles your food without first carefully washing his or her hands after using the toilet.” So either Vitor’s wife is Hep-A positive or he ate  shit particles. I’m expect poop-flavored clams every day, bro. 

Fortunately for Vitor Hepatitis A sufferers have very high chances of recovering with no permanent liver damage, and the virus doesn’t hang about in the body for the rest of one’s life. On the other hand the prescribed treatment is usually 3-6 months of rest due to the virus causing serious fatigue in the infected. That Sexyama match-up at UFC 133 isn’t looking too promising right now. Vitor Belfort’s having a pretty rough year, so best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. And try to stay away from the shit water, Vitor.