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Vitor Belfort injured

Vitor Belfort is off UFC 112 with an injured shoulder. Crappy, huh? This news is so fresh off the grill that Anderson Silva had to hear it from the MMA media and the UFC hasn’t made any kind of official confirmation nor any announcement on what they’ll do about it. But at least the guy with the belt is still okay, which means we’ll get a title shot. Well, we will if they can find another middleweight to face him.

Here’s the problem: Chael Sonnen’s face is all cut up. If you check out ” target=”_blank”> this video of Sonnen on Fox & Friends, they had to put a few pounds of makeup on him just to hide the massive crack in his egg and two horrific black eyes. Nevada’s athletic commission has suspended him until March 24th, and even though that’s two weeks before April 10th, a dude still needs to train to fight Silva, you know?

Even the other obvious answers at 185 are no good: Demian Maia’s got a fucked up eyelid and isn’t doing anything before August 6th without a doctor’s say so. Nate Marquardt is only suspended till March 9th, but it’d be pretty hard to sell a fight with Anderson after he got humped so definitively by Chael.

Who does that leave the UFC with? Well, Yushin Okami is prepping for a prelim fight with Lucio Linhares I guess. But he also just got stifled by Sonnen (plus boooooooooooo). Akiyama isn’t doing anything, and if you’re gonna throw a title shot away, why not do it with someone that will peak the interest of the Japanese and Korean markets? Past that point, there’s no one else at middleweight who wouldn’t be a gigantic joke.

So okay, it’s slim pickings at 185. What about 205? Not much better. You’ve got Thiago Silva, Randy Couture, Luiz Cane and Matt Hamill. Out of those four guys, Luiz and Matt just got completely destroyed in their last fights and Randy Couture is being floated as the co-headliner versus Rich Franklin for UFC 115 in Vancouver (which is not a shitty fight, you snobby Vancouver douchebags).

Here’s where it’s good to know that Abu Dhabi gets special treatment: you know Dana and the gang aren’t gonna go half assed about sorting out a replacement for Vitor Belfort. If there’s another awesome fight they can pull out of their hat, they’ll do it. Now we just have to wait and see what it’s going to be.

(thanks to the Romester for that Fox n Friends video)