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Vinny is gonna wreck Bader

There’s been some healthy debate going on in the forums as to who’s going to win between Ryan Bader and Vinny Magalhaes this Saturday at the TUF8 finale. Personally, I think Bader the wrestler + Vinny the sub master = obvious ending. Like as obvious as putting a baby up against a pitbull. Those betting on the baby like to remind me that the pitbull doesn’t have any standup. Well, that might not be true any more:

“On the ground in my wins, it took 19-25 seconds before I got the submission,” said Magalhaes, who left Team Quest, disappointed with his lack of coaching in wrestling and stand-up, after the show’s filming ended and has been training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas with people like Shawn Tompkins, Stephan Bonnar, Griffin and Randy Couture. “I don’t think Bader can just hold me down for 15 minutes.”

“The last fight I had was six months ago,” he said. “I’m not just jiu-jitsu. I think he sees it that he’s the better striker and he’ll try and keep it on his feet. That may have been the case during the show. But I’m not the same fighter. I’ve been training my boxing a lot and I think I’ll win by knockout. Bader thinks he can outstrike me, but he can’t.”

Now, obviously we have to keep in mind that fighters are notorious liars when it comes to their health and skill level. But Vinny would have to be a total retard not to recognize the holes in his game and try to shore them up. So now I’m thinking this fight won’t just be baby vs pitbull. It’ll be baby vs pitbull with bees in his mouth and when he barks he shoots bees.