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Video blogs are so passé

Dana White has stopped putting out video blogs and no one is exactly sure why. Some suspect it might have to do with legal liability – Dana’s already been caught calling someone a fag before and there was actually a few other ‘fag’ easter eggs in earlier webisodes. Others speculated on a potential UFC related reality show which definitely isn’t on HBO but would still fit suspiciously well on Spike.

I don’t really care what the reason is … video blogs were cutting edge back when Dana started but now EVERYONE is doing them, from Urijah Faber to BJ Penn to Jerry Millen and now Tito Ortiz. There’s already been vids of Tito barfing and bathing and now he’s flying! How exciting. I’ll let you decide when the format jumped the shark.

Watch the above video to see Tito get fellated by Bruce Buffer before laughing at Chuck Liddell for sitting in coach. Personally, I dig the fact that the Iceman sits with the unwashed masses rather than in Douche class. Not everyone has a sugar mama, Tito. And if you wanna know who has the last laugh, I bet half the people in coach have seen the mother of his children sucking massive amounts of dong.