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Victor Conte thinks 50% of UFC fighters are on steroids

Victor Conte is one of the most famous names in steroids because of his involvement in the BALCO affair which blew the lid off PEDs in baseball. Specifically, Conte’s company created and sold tetrahydrogestrinone – better known as ‘the clear’ – to athletes all over the world, including a number of combat sports stars. Now that he can’t make money off selling steroids any more he’s trying to rebrand himself as a good guy in the war against juicing. Here’s just one of his many ratty stories:

“Here’s what I was told – I don’t want to create more multi-million dollar lawsuits against me, but here’s the story that I was told – [Arnold] sold a whole bunch of [tetrahydrogestrinone, also known as ‘The Clear’], like a gallon, to Bob Sapp, K-1 fighter,” Conte said. “My understanding is this stuff was all over the NFL. I guess during this time he was out of the NFL, and there was a period of time when he played in the Canadian (Football) League before he went to Japan to do the K-1 fighting, but the point is this stuff was very widely distributed, was my understanding.”

As for how many athletes in the UFC he thinks are on illegal PEDs:

During a recent appearance on UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Conte said he estimates around half of all current MMA fighters are using some type of performance-enhancing drug.

“From total of all performance-enhancing drugs, it’s in the neighborhood of 50 percent,” Conte told Rogan.

And where does that number come from? Here’s what he said in another appearance:

“One of the top MMA training centers in Northern California that has a number of UFC fighters, and I asked the owner of the facility and the head trainer what percentage of his athletes – the 16 UFC athletes that he had – were using drugs because he was asking me to help some of his athletes, and I said, ‘Well, I can’t help athletes that are using drugs.’

“He wrote a list out. Long story short, eight out of the 16 were using performance-enhancing drugs. So, I think this is a small sample size, but I think these are all some of the top fighters in the UFC, so I think it is rampant.”

Not a very long list of Northern California gyms with 16 UFC fighters. It certainly could never be American Kickboxing Academy! Well done, Victor Conte. You take the privacy of your clients very seriously.