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Vera, Jones, and the UFC on Versus

Okay, correction time. First Brandon Vera tweeted about fighting Jon Jones on March 21st, followed by that tweet getting deleted and everyone saying the fight would take place on March 31st, which made a lot of sense since that was the same day that TUF11 was debuting. The UFC and Spike are always smart about leading into that shit with a Fight Night just to make sure even the most ardent of TUF haters at least give the season premiere a shot.

But now it turns out that the Jones / Vera fight is indeed happening on March 21st, making for a hella busy fight schedule:

UFC Fight Night 21
Mar 21, 2010
UFC 111
Mar 27, 2010

So much for those St Patrick’s Day in Dublin plans, but I guess following one of the world’s best drinking holidays with two weeks of solid events is honorary enough. But wait a second. Isn’t March 21st a Sunday? Yeah it is. So what the fuck is up with that?

Well, I kinda sorta missed mentioning this because I was traveling down to Tennessee to visit my parents at the time, but on Monday Versus announced that their new WEC deal also came with two UFC events as well. And since Saturdays on that network seem to be reserved for bullriding and endless repeats of Bloodsport (not that I’m complaining about the latter), the UFC gets Sunday.

So let’s recap here: Lil Nog is out. Jon Jones is in. The fight is being moved to Sunday March 21st. And it’s free. If you get Versus. Which no one in Canada does. And tons of people in America don’t either. Yay! I think.