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Vera getting ass kicked delayed until March

Call it the battle between the two guys who recently lost even though they won. As mentioned overnight by Subo, Jon Jones will be taking on Brandon Vera during the Ultimate Fight Night lead-in for TUF 11 on March 31st. But wait, wasn’t Lil’ Nog supposed to be fighting Vera at UFC 109? He was until an ankle injury took the Brazilian out. I think the only people more overworked than Joe Silva and Dana White right now are the UFC’s graphic designers, who have had to retool an endless number of posters to keep up with the equally endless amount of injuries.

I’m not about to cry over the loss of Nog vs Vera, mainly because I barely had the time to get attached to it. The last thing I’m gonna do is get overly sentimental about it, cradle the fight’s dead fetus, take pictures and put them up on my mantle like a little Christmas angel. But I am kinda bummed that the replacement fight is being moved from UFC 109, which kinda sorta needed a fight that actually mattered pretty bad. Now the most relevant match on the card is Nate Marquardt vs Chael ‘Budget Hendo’ Sonnen. Le sigh.