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Vargas denies, Ward demurs


We still don’t know if Dana White and Nick Diaz have had their little conversation about staying in MMA yet, but the boxing world ain’t waiting to see what Nick decides before commenting on the situation. Above, Fernando Vargas says Nick Diaz’s people never got in touch with him about a fight. That’s kinda interesting since Vargas was the first guy Nick’s camp was flapping their gums about, and they claimed he was ‘very interested’ in the fight. Hmmmmm.

Then we have Andre Ward, who’s worked with Nick Diaz as a sparring partner for a couple of years now. What did Andre have to say about Nick’s talents and chances in the boxing ring?

“I appreciate and admire [Diaz’s] courage. It remains to be seen how well he’ll do, though. Nick has good hands, some of the best hands in MMA. But professional boxing is totally different. Totally different,” Ward told

“I can’t really talk about [our sparring]. That’s something fighter’s don’t reveal out of respect for each other. It was good work though. He’s a southpaw and he just keeps on coming. It’s definitely good work.”

The way that ‘training respect’ thing works is you never talk shit or reveal weaknesses or anything, but nothing stops you from saying someone’s a beast or wurrior or whatever else. That ‘good work’ line … yeah. It sounds more like a compliment you give the game guy you beat the shit out of in practice than anything else.