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Vancouver says no more after UFC 115

Last month it came out that while Vancouver city was allowing UFC 115 to go forward, they had basically priced holding an event in the city out of the range of any other MMA promoters. Now – and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing – they’re saying that even the UFC won’t be welcome back until the province starts regulating this shit instead of the city:

Even if UFC 115 is a resounding success and the city’s legal concerns prove unfounded, Coun. Kerry Jang said the city won’t ease up on promoters until the sport is legalized provincially or federally.

“The city has been backed into a corner,” Jang told 24 hours Monday. “We have no choice but to demand high insurance, because we’re not protected by the province like Montreal is. We’ve done everything we can to support MMA in the city.”

So does that mean UFC 115 could be the last professional MMA event in the city’s immediate future?

“I think that’s fair to say,” Jang said bluntly. “If the UFC wants to come back, they should be working with the provincial and federal governments.”

This might be good news because when it comes down to it, I’m more for legalized MMA than legalized UFC (which is basically how it’s looking in Quebec right now). Vancouver city being lazy about managing these events means that Marc Ratner and the new Canadian gang will have to work out a new deal with the province – one that might actually allow local promoters (and through them, local fighters) to do their thing in addition to the UFC.