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Vancouver: prepare to get scalped

Vancouver’s UFC 115 is already sold out, setting a new record time of 30 minutes after pre-sale tickets were released. Yep, that’s right … the event sold out before tickets were really even on sale. So who got all the tickets? Members of the UFC Fight Club, a group that pays 75 bucks a year to get first crack at tickets. But what’s a $75 fee when you know you can make that back several times over scalping tickets to people who actually want to go to the event? From the Vancouver Sun:

Tickets were scheduled to go on sale to the general public Thursday. It is unclear at this time as to whether any tickets have been set aside for the public, or whether the entire ticket allocation has been sold out, but scalpers are already asking $400 for $75 tickets on Craigslist.

Several other Vancouver outlets also report the sellout along with the uncertainty that any tickets were left for the public. My guess: probably not. It will be interesting to see whether there’s any backlash from Vancouver fans who never had a chance to buy tickets to an event in their own backyard. More from MMA Payout:

Update: The flipside to the sell out is, of course, that there’s some concern it was predicated upon ticket brokers looking to buy mass quantities and then resell those tickets at a premium. That’s pissed off many legitimate fans just looking to see the event, but were unable to get tickets before they even came on sale to the general public. Regardless, the event will still be packed – whether people are paying a premium or not. The demand for the UFC’s first event in Vancouver is sufficiently high to ensure high attendance.

Note: Tickets are already on-sale at sites like Stub Hub where 300 levels are going for $150-$300. If you want’s advice, observe the prices over the next few weeks before you commit to buying. Scalpers may be unable to unload their quantity and you could find yourself getting a bargain.

I’m not so sure about that advice. Even though I have no doubt an annoyingly high percentage of tickets went to people planning to resell them on the net, there’s still a shitload of people from Vancouver and nearby provinces who will undoubtedly pay whatever they have to to get into the event. If you were hoping the UFC would look into stopping scalping, be prepared to be disappointed: they’re actually in bed with scalper site StubHub.