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Vancouver not overrun by gangs during UFC 115

Reading some of the press stories coming out of Vancouver, you get the feeling they thought the UFC would roll into the city with several motorcycle gangs in tow ready to take shit over and rape everyone. We mentioned the fact that the Vancity police had already said something to that effect, and the local gang task force was on hand for the evening:

Members of the uniformed gang task force will be on hand at tonight’s premiere Ultimate Fighting Championship event, UFC 115, at GM Place.

Sgt. Shinder Kirk, of the Integrated Gang Task Force, said Friday that the specialized unit’s presence will simply supplement Vancouver police and event security.

“With any sporting event where there is a large crowd expected, we do tend to get called out to assist local agencies, and we will be assisting VPD at the UFC,” Kirk said.

“Public events do tend to draw a criminal element, regardless of what event it is, and police will be vigilant.”
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson endorsed the sold-out event at a news conference Thursday.

In March, Abbotsford city council decided against holding an MMA trade show after police expressed concerns about potential gang violence.

Mayor George Peary said at the time the MMA Expo “wasn’t a good fit for the city of Abbotsford.

“Our perception is that these events tend to attract people related to, with affiliations to, hangers-on and followers of the gangs,” Peary said.

After the event, another article documented the gang presence…

There were definitely more men than women in attendence and most appeared to be under-40 with a large percentage sporting tattoos and Affliction t-shirts. At least two Hells Angels supporters wore shirts sporting the death head logo – one claiming to be from Luxemborg and the other said Hells Angels West End. There were other ticket-holding gang associates in the large crowd.

…but overall said there were no problems because MMA attracts more middle age crisis Harley Davidson drivers than swarthy biker types. There was at least one incident, but it was nothing like the Warriors or West Side Story or that incident in Australia. As usual, the biggest problem was Drunky McDrunkersons being drunk. Tucked into the bottom of an MMA Junkie article on Jake Shields attending UFC 115 and beginning negotiations with UFC:

At Saturday’s UFC event, Shields nearly found himself involved in a melee of a different sort – though cooler heads prevailed this time around.

Following UFC 115’s first main-card bout between welterweights Carlos Condit and Canada’s Rory MacDonald – in which the Canuck was finished in the final seconds of a fight he was winning through two rounds – Shields and Cesar Gracie teammate Nate Diaz were pelted with a beer that was thrown from the crowd.

The primary target of the projectile was apparently none other than White, and the UFC exec said that along with the help of the GM Place crowd, the offending beverage-tosser was quickly addressed.

“When MacDonald lost, some dude threw a beer at me,” White said. “That’s never happened in 10 years. We threw his ass out quick. He hit me, Nate Diaz and Jake Shields.

“You know what I love about our fans? I jumped up and said, ‘Who the [expletive] threw that?’ The whole place went, ‘He did!’ You go to a football game, everybody would just sit there, and you don’t know who threw it. The whole [expletive] place went, ‘He threw it.'”