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Vancouver is full of fascists

Two weeks ago Vancouver city councilors decided to ban MMA … or more accurately they decided to pass the buck and make the province responsible for regulating the sport. Of course, the two things both have the same end result: No new MMA events in Vancouver for the forseeable future. Provincial politics are glacial, and good luck pushing mixed martial arts through before 2009.

Anyways, I didn’t really care about that. As a person living in the province of Quebec, I hate snobby Vancouver with a passion so they get what they fucking deserve. I’d be just as happy if the Nazis took over there and started gassing everyone. And while I haven’t heard of any gassings yet, it certainly does seem like some of Hitler’s policies are kicking in:

Downtown bars are turning people away because they’re wearing brands of clothing that are being identified as gangster-wear. Blacklisted brands include labels like Ed Hardy, Affliction and Xtreme Couture, he said. All of these use trendy motifs like tattoos, skulls and chains.

If it was up to me, these brands would be banned off the face of the earth. I would stuff space shuttles full of that shit and the people who wear them and launch them into cold darkness of deep space. Of course, it’s not up to me and it shouldn’t be up to club owners either. Because the only people dumber than bloggers are bar owners. They see specific ethnic groups they don’t like wearing specific types of clothes, and since they can’t ban the minority they just ban the clothes minorities wear.

In this case it’s the Asians who are getting theirs with this ban … they’re all over Affliction shirts like white on rice. And while there may be a growing Asian gang problem in Vancouver, I’d say a bigger issue is a growing moron problem in Vancouver. And since morons wear all sorts of different brands of clothing, I think we should just ban all clothes and go to clubs naked. Good luck hiding a gun then.

  • BigFern says:

    there’s asians in canada, ey? yea they’re starting to wear those affliction shirts out here in miami too…..fuck i just want to punch those bastard

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    i dont get it. why would asians be wearing mma shirts? they completely suck ass at mma. unless youre talking about Jet Li. i seen him beat up randy couture, tito ortiz and about ten other mma fighters at the same time. in the cage no less. tom arnold was there, he seen it.

  • You live in Quebec?

    Are you French??? Fuck, I thought you were alright… Now I’m not so sure…

  • sonzai says:

    There’s actually a gang war of sorts going on here in Vancouver now, so this is a draconian measure to try and keep the crap outta the clubs. It’s a zero-tolerance thing. Barwatch works together with the cops to do this shit. Besides, it should be up to club owners. Clubs are considered private clubs and they can have any dress code they feel like having. Sucks, but whaddya gonna do?

  • Matthew Watt says:

    I agree with sonzai, the gang wars have escalated here in the past month, reaching a pinnacle about two weeks ago. If this is what they have to do to make clubs safe for dumb, drunk whiteboys like me, I am all for it.

    And fightlinker, it is one thing to rip Vancouver for a snobby atmosphere (which is prevalent in some parts of the city, I won’t argue with you there), but dude, you are from Quebec, the canadian center for elitish jerks. Montreal kicks ass, I give you that, but in the rest of the province everyone is so tight they need WD-40 to get the squeak out of their ass.

  • Pontus says:


  • Jonathan says:

    I am with Hywel on this….the Quebecois and the Francais and the Elvis Gratton scare the living bejesus out of me….

    And fort some reason, “Randy Couture” and “Gangsta” do just not go together. It is like “Quebecois” and “proper French” going together.

  • bosy claus says:

    Only an Asian gang would wear 40 buck T-shirts, down in Compton you just have to get a red or blue Hanes T to rep. But those crazy Asians are always stealing dvd shipments on Crotch Rockets and wearing affliction t-shirts. Not to mention they try to pull that Kung Foolery on you.. That shit cant compare to good old American Wrestling.

  • kermit.01 says:

    Extreme Couture is gangster wear? I guess you won’t find to many more hard core OG gangsters than Randy.. :-p

  • Jake says:

    Actually, Ryan isn’t French. I am!

  • Josh Man says:

    My Ed Hardy wirr crush your Affriction!

  • I friggin’ like this blog more and more, keep up the sour work Ryan… Humor, sarcasm and ugly words in good combination! Vancouver sounds like Sweden, fucking fascists are always in the cold north. In nazi germany they allowed fighting at least 😉

  • bmiller says:

    Can Some Please Answer This For ME?? I have never understood what Affliction or Sinister or Ed Hardy has to do with MMA. As far as I know the people that make these brands of clothes have no clue what MMA is. All these clothes are, is a bunch of crappy ass skulls and bones and stupid shit that has nothing to do with fighting or the sport of MMA. And now Couture is making shitty clothes becuase people buy them. WTF kind of a world is this??

  • kentyman says:

    It’s as easy as this, bmiller:

    Douchebags love MMA. Look at the Just Bleed Guy. He never had a choice. He had to go to the UFC, ’cause he’s just that much of a douche. It just so happens that d’bags are big fans of skulls/blones/guns/roses/pelvic bones/tattoos, or any other thing that will make ’em say “Oh man, that’s fuckin’ sweet.”

    Now don’t get me wrong; not all MMA fans are Douchey McDoucherton. But 100% of people with that name are gonna be MMA fans.

  • Audacity says:

    Vancouver is full of hippies and pedophiles who just want to smoke pot and ban everything that’s generally considered good. Here in Mississauga, we love MMA, but being part of the GTA means that Miller is not only doing Toronto doggy-style, but all of the GTA when it comes to MMA promotions.

  • jazzn says:

    Not actually that hard, though it takes some time.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Not actually that hard, though it takes some time…”

    Nice, I had heard that they were going to or trying to make guns illegal up yonder, which would be a horrible error on Canadia’s.

  • Jonathan says:

    I am just pissed that my Quebecois jab did not do more.

  • jazzn says:

    It’s not hard to buy one. What you can do with it and where you can carry it is much more restricted than in the USA.

  • Oh, I’m not french, so yeah it doesn’t sting 😉

  • Teufel says:

    Smoking weed in public is pretty much legal here, yet wearing an overpriced t-shirt with a skull on it isn’t. This city (Vancouver) is fucking retarded.