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Valkyrie 03 is this weekend

It’s almost time for Valkyrie 03, GCM’s All-women’s caged event! October 24th, it will be held in the afternoon, with the men’s “Cage Force” held in the evening.

The card has come together for Valkyrie under the match-making of Yasuko Mogi and GCM. I don’t know about everyone, but here’s some info about the ladies I know, followed by the fight card at the end.

First, there’s a pro grappling match and frankly I’m surprised they included one in addition to MMA. I have trained with Yuki Tanaka and she’s a tough cookie, but doesn’t have much experience. I was there at K-taro dojo her first day of training two years or so ago. I heard that Yuki Sugiuchi is 5-1-1 in MMA, so I’m crossing my fingers for my Yuki. Sakura and I have been helping her prepare these past few weeks.

Jet Izumi has experience with BJJ, Grappling, boxing, and now she seems to be a part of Rambar’s Muay Thai gym, so I have high expectations for her. She’s facing my former bad-ass teammate Emi Fujino, who loves to brawl and often enters the ring dressed like a pro-wrestler carrying a spiked club or sickle.

Maho Muranami is sharp, but so is Sachi, so I can’t wait to see that fight.

“Ageha” (Ebihara) who has truly awesome hair is fighting a debut-girl from Keishukai’s A-3, who I don’t know personally. I shouldn’t say this, but they are totally feeding Ageha fighters. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes there. Last time my girl Sakura fought her and got heel hooked in two minutes. Ageha is an experienced Judo player with a 4-2 MMA record.

About the main event, I know Ms. Mogi, the matchmaker, was struggling to find one since Yuka Tsuji, Valkyrie’s poster girl, hurt herself. So Mogi put herself in as the main event! Ms. Mogi is known as  “The Spider” and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. She herself is 4-4, with her last fight a loss. She’ll be fighting Misaki Takimoto, who at 10-11-4, has fought more times than I have, and is truly a kick-ass fighter. If you look at her record, you’ll see that most of her losses are to the super elite of Japan, such as Megumi Fuji, Shinashi, Omuro, Miku, Tamada, and even Lisa Ward from the USA. There are few women at that weight of 108 pounds.

I’ll let you guys make the predictions.

The card is as follows:

Pro Grappling match:
Yuki Tanaka (K-Taro dojo) vs Yuki Sugiuchi (Pogona Grabu Gym)

10-24 Naoko Omuro (Wajyutsu Keisyukai) vs Yukiko Seki (Freelance)
10-24 Izumi “Jet Izumi” Noguchi (M16 Muay Thai) vs (SFly-10)Emi Fujino
( Wajyutsu Keishukai GODS)
10-24 Maho Muranami (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Toikatsu dojo) vs Sachiko
“Sachi” Yamamoto (Angura)
10-24 ♂[email protected]♀ (Madoka Ebihara) (Praestra Kashiwa) vs Rock
Cryptomeria(Chokuho Sugiyama)(*) (Wajyutsu Keisyukai A-3)
10-24 Fukuko Hamad (Kobra Kai) vs Yuko Takagi(*) (Angura)
10-24 Morimegu (Masae Mori) (Angura) vs Aya Miura(*) (Wajyutsu
Keisyukai RJW. H.T.W.)
10-24 Yasuko Mogi (Strapple) vs Misaki Takimoto (Zendokai Yokohama)