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Vadim Finkelstein talks Fedor in UFC

We’ve heard from Fedor, we’ve heard from Dana, and now it’s time to hear from Mr M-1 Global himself Vadim Finkelstein about the possibility of the Last Emperor in the UFC:

UFC President Dana White recently said that he has zero interest in signing Fedor…You need to know Dana. If he says he has no interest in signing Fedor, then in fact, he really wants to. He says one thing, and doing another. How can you not want a fighter who can bring millions? Any fight with Fedor could break all the rating records in the UFC.

Maybe you should make the first step?We are open for dialogue. It’s just that Dana White thinks that we will come to him, kneel down and say: “We are ready for any conditions to sign a contract.” Of course, this will never happen. Fedor deserves nothing but respect. But like I said, there’s still a high demand for Fedor. We are ready to have Fedor fighting in the UFC, it’s just that we need a normal offer. And the fact that White is always saying that he offered us everything “on a silver platter” is a lie.

As for other possibilities:

Brazil really wants to see Fedor. There the largest media company in the country is involved there. But, again, we have plenty of offers, and not only from Rio. There’s a huge demand for Fedor as a fighter.

Who else is interested in Fedor?
Singapore. We are sending our representative to Singapore for negotiations. I heard about certain interest from the Indian organization Super Fight League. However, we are yet to discuss anything with them. But in general we have another very serious contact. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose this information. But the negotiations are already underway.

I wonder if Fedor’s accountant has looked into how much it’ll cost for his fighter to retire ‘comfortably.’ I’m sure these podunk shows in buttf*ck Asia would still pay pretty well for Fedor’s services, but do the numbers add up when you figure he’s only got a few years left on his career? He could spend that time toiling in the minors fighting cans and dragging his legacy through the mud. Or he could come into the UFC and make enough money in a year to take care of himself for the rest of his life, win or lose. Unfortunately, we all know which one of these options is more likely.