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UWC, goats, footballers, and Muslims

UWC’s Man’o’War event sounds like it was a pretty good time … the show got a shitload of attention for a regional promotion on account of having Luke and Nate from Bloody Elbow pimping the shit out of it. Luke was the play by play guy and Nate was responsible for bombarding everyone with non-stop press releases about what a cocksucker Chase Beebe is. Between them I think they did a better job of selling this show than Affliction did.

Not only did the UWC manage to fill up the arena, but they also managed to get a bunch of sports stars out. Here’s Chris Cooley, who plays football or something, blogging about his night at the fights:

Once we got into the fights everything pretty much settled down. There were some pretty bad ass highlights. The third fight was a girl fight, which was awesome! The ugly girl got here face swollen all up and the hot one got her red panties pressed up against the cage the whole time. Bomb! I saw three different guys get knocked completely out, knees to the face, elbows to the head, the whole works. Those fighters have to be completely crazy to think that’s a fun time. I guess if you figure you can kick ass every time it might be pretty cool, but taking so many violent blows to the face and head cannot be very good for quality of life.

The ‘ugly girl’ Cooley mentions is Iman Achhal, who won her fight. Iman is cool because she’s a Muslim who was supposed to end up married to some asshole her parents picked out. Instead she called off the arrangement. She says her mom beat her so bad afterwards that she no longer fears anything that could happen in the cage. How cool is that? Not the fact that she got beaten by her mom, but the fact that she overcame all that stuff and is now the one beating people up. She proves than any woman can rise up from the oppressive hold of gender discrimination to one day be called ‘the ugly one’ by some dumb pigskin chucking redneck.