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Urijah Faber’s broken hand

Here’s an x-ray of Urijah Faber’s hand taken a few hours after his rematch with Mike Brown. I’m no longer allowed by law to claim I am a doctor nor make medical statements, but the big trouble spot looks like the two severely fucked metacarpals below his ring and pinky fingers. Any of the medical experts who come here regularly for some reason want to chime in on if those circles and arrows on the x-ray point to another crack at the base of his index metacarpal?

And just to get you all drooly over the idea of a third Faber / Brown fight, here’s Urijah saying he thought he’d have won the fight if it wasn’t for the figurative and literal bad break:

“Not to take away from Brown, but I think the first round was how the rest of the fight would have gone. It was impossible for him to hit me. I definitely think I was headed toward victory. You can’t have something go wrong in a title fight though. It’s unfortunate — I don’t like to lose, but I will be back…I’m having surgery tomorrow. I am not sure how exactly many months I will be out because I have never had my hand broken before.”