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Urijah Faber’s backup plan

Urijah Faber fans are probably feeling pretty nervous right now. If Faber loses to Mike Brown again at WEC 41, that’s pretty much the last title shot he’s getting until Brown drops the belt. Considering Faber managed to hold onto the thing since 2006, that could be a while. But don’t be too worried. Another loss could set things up quite nicely for a Faber run at a different weightclass. No, not lightweight:

“I was 133-pounder all through college and that’s probably my natural fighting weight, but if it isn’t broken, why fix it? I’ve been a champion at 145,” Faber said, before adding of a potential superfight with bantamweight champ Miguel Torres, “I’d be down to go to 135. I’ve competed most of my life at that weight. I’ve gone up to 145 because there weren’t many options at my weight. But if it’s a fight people want to see I’d love to do it.”

It’s kinda hard to read too much into a fight that lasted all of two minutes and twenty three seconds, but it looked like Mike Brown was out-muscling Faber and throwing him around. If Faber is a small 145, that could be something that will happen to him more and more as the small 155 pounders slowly but surely wash down from the UFC.

Of course, this is a much different plan from the one Faber was contemplating when he was still champ. Just goes to show you all these epic plans of multi-weight titles usually end up coming to a jarring stop because the dude takes his eye off the ball and loses.