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Urijah Faber wants a fighter’s union

The idea of an MMA fighter’s union has been batted around by several people in the past, most notably by Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture – ironically, two guys who were really just out to ‘get theirs.’ Oh, and Mark Cuban was pushing the idea for about 10 seconds before something shiny distracted him. Past that, the only people talking about a union are disgruntled former UFC fighters and the occasional blogger on a slow news day. But now check out Urijah Faber’s latest comments on the Adam Carolla show:

“I do think there needs to be some sort of competition, or there needs to be some sort of… you know, coming together of the fighters and making a stand, because as of right now, they’ve got a stranglehold on the fight game, Zuffa, and we need to get some dough… I know there’s a lot of people that would like to see [a fighters union] happen, and there’s a lot of people with more money that would not like to see that happen, so you know… you gotta do the math on that one.”

It’s not like Faber went onto Carolla’s show to push for a fighters union, but typically questions like this are dealt with elusively (Machida style), lest a fighter find himself stuck with Roger Huerta on the wrong side of Dana White’s favor. Urijah Faber might be one of the few guys big enough to get away with shit like this, but that also means he’s not the kind of guy a fighter’s union would help the most. So it’s pretty cool hearing him voice his support. Perhaps seeing half the guys fighting on Versus making less than the cost of a 30 second commercial between fights has tugged at his conscience?