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Urijah Faber is keeping his eye on the ball

I wonder if this is how it started in boxing: first no one jumped around weight classes unless it was out of desperation. Then one or two prolific champs made the jump, and then the floodgates opened and everyone started talking about fighting at multiple weight classes. I don’t want to peg Urijah Faber into the ‘everyone else’ category, but I still think it’s a bit cocky to talk about moving up AND down when the belt isn’t around your waist:

“I’ll probably have another seven to eight years in this sport,” the 29-year-old Faber said while sharing a panel with fellow WEC fighters Mike Brown and Donald Cerrone and WEC broadcaster Frank Mir. “I’ll probably go down to 135 (pounds) and up to 155. I’ll try to stabilize myself at 145, so there’s a lot of fights out there for me.”

And whom would “The California Kid” like to fight in those divisions?

“Maybe Miguel,” Faber said. “Maybe ‘Kid’ Yamamoto. Maybe B.J. Penn. Who knows what’s next? Maybe (Tyson) Griffin.”

I suppose when you’re as awesome as Urijah Faber is then why doubt yourself, right? But it’s worth noting that most crackpot schemes like this only exist in the fighter’s mind and come to fruition in a perfect world if the guy keeps winning. BJ also had the idea that he was gonna stay up at 170 and even harass Dana for a champ fight at 185. We all saw how that turned / burned out. And then there was Roger Huerta, who saw himself cleaning out lightweight and replacing Georges St Pierre at 170 pounds when Georges moved up to middleweight.

Don’t you just love the weather in these fighters’ fantasies?