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Urijah Faber gets sloppy, gets KO’d

Well, I guess that’s 3 for 3 as far as upsets go tonight. Down goes Jens Pulver, Paulo Filho, and Urijah Faber. Up goes Leonard Garcia and Urijah Faber. Chael Sonnen can go suck his own dick. Anyways, back to the Faber / Brown fight.

It didn’t last long at all … 2:20 in the first round. Mike Brown lived up to his rep as a strong motherfucker. He bullied Faber by pushing him around and Faber reacted by throwing a reckless elbow. That missed Brown, but Brown threw a hard hook up that caught Faber right on the jaw and knocked him to the ground. 30 seconds of finishing blows later and the ref stopped it, making Mike Brown the new featherweight champ.

I dunno what this says about Urijah Faber … he got sloppy and he got taken out for it. In a rematch, I’d still pick Faber any day of the week. But for sure, from now on we’re not gonna be treating Faber as the indestructible force he was before tonight.