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Ups and Downs

Above: Jens Pulver HL: Jens has had his ups and downs but never backed down. He is a pioneer for for the little guys.

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Wandy HL: Another that has had his highs and lows but consistently puts on a good show and a good fight.

Wandy vs Sakuraba HL: These fight should be labels as hate crimes and liable for prosecution in The Hague.

Cro Cop HL: He was on the of the first guys to come over from Pride and get stomped even though he was a monster in Japan.

Deadly Outlaw: In honor of Akiyama’s entrance into the UFC here is a tribute to the man.

SAMBO Exhibition: This is a match between Satoko Shinashi & Megumi Fujii. Its pretty fun to see these girls scrap.

Best Of ADCC Europe: Sweet video of all different kinds of people grappling.

Pride FC Bushido Funniest Moments: Funny stuff always follows Bas and especially in Japan. Plus Krazy Horse!

Fight Science with Bas: He can literally kill a man with a single kick.


  • Jens Pulver vs Joe Stevenson
  • Don Frye vs James Thompson
  • Neil Grove vs James Thompson
  • Butterbean vs James Thompson
  • Imanari vs Mike Brown
  • Sakuraba vs Renzo Gracie
  • Sakuraba vs Kevin Randleman
  • Akiyama vs Kang
  • Ninja Rua vs Radach

Wandy HL

Wandy vs Sakuraba HL

Cro Cop HL

Deadly Outlaw


ADCC Europe

Pride FC Funniest Moments

Fight Science

Jens vs Joe

Frye vs Thompson

Grove vs Thompson

Butterbean vs Thompson

Imunari vs Brown

Sakuraba vs Renzo Gracie

Sakuraba vs Randleman

Akiyama vs Kang

Ninja Rua vs Radach