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Uppercut from HELL

There is something about tonight … everyone is performing well, even the losers. Well, everyone except Josh Hendricks. He sucked. Adding to the list of losers looking pretty damn good is Rafael Dos Anjos, who put on a pretty damn game fight against Jeremy Stephens. Stephens had the fight on the feet, but whenever things would go to the ground Dos Anjos would start twisting Stephens up.

The fight went into the third round even, and then Jeremy Stephens unloaded with perhaps the most hardcore uppercut in the history of the UFC. Everyone flipped out over it to the point where the production team played the fucking thing 20 times. Every detail … from the spit flying out of Dos Anjos’ mouth to the eyes rolling back into his head … it’s all burned into my skull.

Damn … thus far this event has delivered on every fight. If things keep up like this we’re going to get to see all the prelim fights too. Awesome.