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Update on the Affliction clusterfuck

So here’s a general update on the Josh Barnett / Drostanolone / Fedor situation, pulled together from several different sources:

While he is denying that he takes steroids, Josh also says he ‘has a pretty good idea’ why he tested positive, but that he can’t talk about why yet. Josh has requested that his B sample be tested and claims he hopes this all can be fixed so he can still fight on August 1st. But the CSAC is saying there’s very little chance Barnett can be cleared by his second urine sample because the test results won’t be back in time (which seems a bit odd to me but whatever).

The CSAC has said there will be no suspension for Josh as this was part of a license renewal, although they also say it was part of a random test. So I guess it was a random test during Josh’s license renewal, which Josh didn’t think was random since he had to do a steroid test the last time too.

The drug Josh tested positive for was Drostanolone, a straight up anabolic. They didn’t bother to calculate the levels because the simple presence of Drostanolone metabolites is enough for Josh to be guilty. It still seems strange to me though that the information wouldn’t be included in the test – there’s a huge amount of shit you can figure out by knowing the levels of the steroid in a person’s piss like how they took the drug, how long it’s been in their system, etc. Not having that info is like accusing someone of stealing without telling us if they stole a candy bar or a car.

As for Fedor’s next opponent, Fedor says he doesn’t care who he fights, Fedor’s management said their first choice is Brett Rogers and second is Vitor Belfort. Unfortunately for us, Strikeforce is saying that Brett Rogers ‘will not be made available’ … and after all Affliction has done for Strikeforce, too! That snub also precludes Fabricio Werdum from fighting, and that silence you hear right now is no one caring. Meltzer says the payday being offered to replace Barnett is $500,000.

As far as Affliction’s chances of convincing the CSAC to let Vitor Belfort fight a dude who’s two weight classes above him, they’ve said they’re iffy on the match and a lot of questions will have to be asked but they’re not saying no yet.

And that’s where the clusterfuck stands now.

Sources: Josh Barnett’s Myspace, Ariel Helwani’s interview with the CSAC, M-1 Global’s press release on the issue, Dave Meltzer’s article on the situation.