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Update: Don King nixes Shine’s entire card

I’m theorizing that killing two people and getting four years in prison leads to a sense of… entitlement.

Ricardo Mayorga was all set to debut against Din Thomas tonight, representing a more serious threat to MMA’s ranks than James Toney could ever hope to. Mayorga is 36, went twelve rounds with Shane Mosley in 2008, and – this is key – not fat. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see an established boxing veteran that’s actually in shape go against an MMA vetaran, and it’s because of one of the more impossible assholes in the history of professional sports.

Shine Fights first announced the signing of Mayorga, a former world champion boxer, in September 2009. However, Don King Productions, the company that holds Mayorga’s boxing contract, waited until this week to file a motion requesting a legal injunction to prevent the boxer’s participation in the mixed martial arts bout.

Judge Marc Gold issued that order Saturday morning in a Broward County, Fla., court. Initial reactions from Shine Fights officials, as well as both Mayorga and Thomas, indicated that the organization planned on proceeding with its original plans, but threats from Gold of “serious sanctions” apparently earned their intended effect.

Emphasis added, because King’s twisted legalities regarding Mayorga’s boxing contract invalidating any other medium that includes boxing, including MMA, didn’t need to be ruled on mere hours before the event. That’s the asshole part. As far as the legal process goes, I’m interested to see if a) Toney’s management gives a shit about his UFC ventures and b) exactly what Mayorga’s contract contains in relation to exclusivity. UFC contracts state you can’t go off and do K-1 (thanks, BJ), and pretty much every major league contract contains provisions so stringent as to make pick-up basketball games and motorcycle riding during the offseason grounds for termination. If Mayorga’s contract contains similar language, then King is a dick that’s in good legal standing. If it does not, then this judge is an absolute joke.

Don King is 78 years old and the only reason that he exists as anything other than an ex-felon is the dictator of Zaire, Motubu Sese Seko (a prominently evil figure in We Regret To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families), decided he was a worthwhile investment and funded Ali/Foreman to the tune of $5 million per fighter. Seko, for those that don’t know, embezzled about $5 billion from his starving country and changed his name, which, translated in full, means “The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, goes from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake.” Sounds like the kind of asshole that saw a young, ex-felon piece of shit named Don King and said “now THIS is someone I can work with.”

The next time you hate any MMA promoter – or anyone involved int he sport, for that matter – think of Don King.

Update: From Karyn Bryant (blatantly borrowed from Brent Brookhouse’s ongoing Twitter appraisal of the developments):

NC commission cancels Shine Fights. Damn damn damn!

I’ll keep up on this to find out North Carolina’s justification for canceling the card in its entirety, especially since Shine conceded that Mayorga would not be allowed to compete.