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Unsubstantiated rumor of the day: Tim Sylvia gets ass beat by Kane

Oh boy. With the constant LOLing at his upcoming boxing match with Ray Mercer as well as the recent reminder of the time he shit his pants in the cage, it looked as though things couldn’t get worse for Tim Sylvia. Wrong. Check this shit out.

Via Bloody Elbow via MMA Linker via

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia was involved in a fight at a bar in downtown Detroit Michigan with 7 foot, 320 pound WWE Superstar, Glen ‘Kane’ Jacobs.

No details are currently being released on how the fight started. A witness says the two were arguing and Tim Sylvia instigated the fight. Jacobs quickly took Sylvia to the ground and repeatedly punched him in the face. The bartender along with a bystander helped pull Jacobs off Sylvia. Sylvia was said to have suffered a broken nose and a black eye.

The police were notified but since the fight was not prolonged and neither men wanted to press any charges, no arrests were made. Sylvia was driven by a friend who was with him to the hospital to treat the broken nose. Glen Jacobs left the scene with his wife shortly after.

Let’s first remember that this is simply a rumor. This little blurb looks like it was written by a bored 12 year old with a vivid imagination (which, cooincidentally, is how you would describe the girls that I date).

Chances are this didn’t happen. But if it did, let me be the first to say it: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.