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Unsanctioned MMA now endorsed by Ruff Ryders

Alabama has already given us one of the great triumphs of unsanctioned MMA, and Thunder Promotions’ ‘Alabama Pride’ promises to once again contribute to the Internet’s wealth of hideously overweight fighters getting their asses handed to them in .gif form via their main event of Butterbean versus Tank Abbott. It’s the co-main, however, that’s getting more publicity – and if THAT doesn’t speak to the sheer audacity of the matchmaking, then feast your eyes upon this:

The rapper DMX is scheduled for a fight against Eric Martinez on the same card where Butterbean will take on Tank Abbott.

Go ahead, read that sentence again, and let it soak in.

Hey look, another wonderful exhibition of MMA skill to educate new fans and attract positive media coverage! DMX, if you’ll remember, is famous for barking like a dog and numerous run-ins with the law. His opponent, however, is a complete fucking mystery to me – I’ve found shit saying he’s an actor AND/OR the CEO of something called Powermoves Entertainment. Jackals, I beseech thee – find out who the fuck this guy is. Hook it up in the comments.