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Unite Here and NY Tourism’s money ties

The date for MMA’s vote in front of the New York Tourism committee may not be set in stone but one thing everyone agrees on is it’s coming up fast and there’s still a good chance we’re not even going to make it over this stupid first hurdle. Personally, I think it’s all because everyone’s nervous that a yes on MMA vote could come back and hurt them politically. Robert Joyner is still convinced Las Vegas union collective UNITE HERE is also playing a factor, and he’s dug up all the financial contributions the group has made to tourism committee members:

Brodsky: $500 in 2003, $1000 in 2004, $3400 in 2006
Del Monte $1500 in 2004, $10,000 in 2006
Fields $1000 in 2004
Gunther, $1000 in 2003, $500 in 2008
Gianaris $3500 in 2003
Hoyt $500 in 2004, $1500 in 2006, $1000 in 2008
McEneny $500 in 2004, $3000 in 2006
Reilly $1500 in 2004, $4000 in 2006
O’Donnell $1000 in 2006

I wish I could buy a political bulldog as dumb and loud as Bob Reilly for fifty five hundred bucks. But unfortunately, that’s not all it costs. Unions pull more power than their donation books might imply … politicians always do the union circuit before elections, making deals in exchange for member votes.